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Our Story

It was a hectic month of socialising and Ishta's birthday was coming up, there were 2-3 going out events every week. Birthdays, bar nights, dinners, weddings. Ishta and Trisha, sisters, were texting on Whatsapp deciding what to wear when and trying to optimise and analyse their wardrobe with scientific precision.

"Remember that black top? You haven't worn that in a while, you can repeat that"

"Noo, I just wore it 2 weeks ago"

"Ugh, dress?"

"I need to wax, ugh, and I feel like they're all too tight, I don't want to suck my tummy in the whole night" 

"Ooh what about that white backless top? You've been saving it for so long"

"There is literally no bra in the history of the universe that goes with that top, bro. I just bought those sticky ones online and a) they don't stick and b) even if they did, I can still see the full shape through the top. WHY IS EVERYTHING SEE THROUGH :( what are you wearing?"

"Jeans and a nice top na?"


And we faced the same dilemma every girl does, every weekend

And that was it. Facing a million "jeans and a nice top" occasions, we realised we didn't have anywhere to buy nice going out tops.

And we knew we weren't alone.

That night we used our frustration and channeled it towards finding our own solution - we wanted to solve every girl's weekend dilemma. 

So here is TISH. For you & your sisters, we are here for you and your weekend needs. We got you, sister! 

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