TISH was inspired by the daily struggle of what to wear - "Jeans and a nice top, but you can never find that nice top"

Our Philosophy

TISH was founded by 2 sisters - Ishta and Trisha. Our philosophy was simple: Less waste, just results.

So we focus on creating simple timeless silhouettes in beautiful hemp based premium sustainable fabrics

3 Pillars 

1. Made to Measure: Our garments are designed and sized keeping in mind the requirements of a modern woman. All of our tops can be worn with standard bras & we offer customizations in terms of size, sleeve, length, etc - free of charge.

2. Made to Last: We strive for sustainability not just in manufacturing, but also in design. A focus on zero waste manufacturing and repeatability of designs in premium durable fabrics.

3. Made to be You! You get a custom piece, made to order, just for you

  • Sustainable

  • Luxury

  • Not See Through


Our Products

Fabric & Materials: 100% Hemp- Comes from the fibres of a very high-yielding crop in the cannabis sativa plant family. One of the strongest and most durable natural textile fibres. Think linen, but better.

Packaging: We use zero plastic in our internal packaging. We don’t believe that you require 10 layers of tissue, ribbons, and plastic in order to feel special when you receive a package from TISH – that’s what our clothes are for

Manufacturing: Our garments are locally made in India and made to order to eliminate inventory waste

Dyeing: We use AZO free dyes that do not contain carcinogenic compounds

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